Cradle Health Spa
Portion 342 (R560), Skeerpoort
Hartbeespoort (North West Province)

GPS Co-Ordinates:
25' 46' 837' S 27' 46' 273' E

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Hydro Facilities


A Place to Unwind

Cradle Health Spa - Hydro & Wellness Retreat Now boasts the following Hydro Facilities to Rejuvenate and boost Blood Circulation:

  • Steam Room: Increases your heartbeat and improves circulation whilst opening pores and softening your skin. It works on a basis of Moist Heat and thus opens the airways to improve breathing and alleviate congestion and is therefore highly beneficial to those that suffer from asthma, bronchitis and sinus. It also speeds up the metabolism and can therefore assist in weight loss. You will most definitely sweat out toxins whilst in the steam room and thereby it assists in detoxify the body.
  • Sauna: It works on a Dry Heat basis which causes the release of endorphins which are your "feel good" hormones. Whilst soothing nerve endings and warming and relaxing muscles, it releases the tension from your body thereby minimizing joint pain. It is especially beneficial to those suffering from Arthritis, Migraines and Headaches. It can also help induce sleep for insomnia sufferers as when you cool down again the body releases melatonin which helps you sleep. It can also increase your heartbeat and improves circulation whilst opening pores and softening your skin.
  • Jacuzzi: Wether you utilize the indoor or outdoor Jacuzzi it has both physical and mental benefits as do all the Hydro Facilities. It can assist those who suffer from Arthritis and Osteoporosis as well as joint pain as the buoyancy along with light exercise or movement can increase mobility and strength. The bubbles also sooth and relax and help you unwind whilst the jets themselves offer a light massage. Also proven to leave you feeling invigorated and improve the health of your lungs and heart.
Other Hydro Facilities include:
  • Large outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Rock Plunge Pool